Don’t Forget The Songs: Costello, Elbow, Gabriel

Elvis Costello- No Action
Sometime last year I discovered Elvis Costello’s work and I really do find his 1978 record This Year’s Model to be one of the best things I’ve listened to. There’s so much energy in every single song, Costello still makes fantastic music, but he never carried this much raw and powerful emotions ever again in his music.

Elbow- Mirrorball
I’ve been listening to this very frequently over the past few months, and it might be my favorite song off Elbow’s fantastic The Seldom Seen Kid from 2008. It starts off with just a piano and guitar and things just start to soar once the strings come in. The lyrics are perfect as well. All sorts of very romantic lines fill the “Mirrorball”, and it’s never trite. It’s kind of odd, for someone like me to find this so effective. I normally roll my eyes at overtly romantic songs, but I really love theĀ sentimentsĀ of this song.

Peter Gabriel- In Your Eyes
I know this song was already featured here a few months ago, but I’m really liking the new version of “In Your Eyes” from Gabriel’s new album, New Blood. The song was already a very huge production, so why not have the entire track with a orchestra? Unlike Gabriel’s previous album where he sucked the life out of every song he covered, this new version of “In Your Eyes” brings something just as effective as the original to the table.

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