Gonjasufi- Muzzle REVIEW

Gonjasufi put out one of the best records of 2010 with A Sufi and A Killer, it was an odd mix of trip-hop, psychedelic rock and middle eastern music. Now we have Muzzle. This mini-album has many of the same great stuff of his debut, but not all of it.

There’s plenty of psychedelic stuff going on here and the vocals are still in the really odd sounds of Captain Beefheart. But everything on Muzzle is just too quiet. The big, loud sounds that were on A Sufi and A Killer are gone here, so is the middle eastern music. Tracks like “Feedin Birds” and “Rubberbands” have plenty of potential, but they end too soon. Just when things start to take off on Muzzle, they end.

There are some moments where Gonjasufi lets the tracks breathe, and it pays off with the dark, sprawling “Venom” and the trip-hop “The Blame”. But most of this “mini-album” comes and goes too fast. If Muzzle had been more fleshed out, it could have been just as impressive as his debut.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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