The Flaming Lips- “God Only Knows” TRACK REVIEW

“God Only Knows” is one of greatest pop songs ever made. It’s the centerpiece of Pet Sounds and Brian Wilson’s best songwriting. Now, to celebrate The Beach Boys’ 50th anniversary Mojo Magazine has released a CD in their latest issue, Pet Sounds Revisited, and it’s left up to The Flaming Lips to reinvent “God Only Knows”.

The Flaming Lips have already covered an album by Pink Floyd, so doing one Beach Boys’ song isn’t that much of a stretch for the group. Wayne Coyne doesn’t have the best voice, and it can’t match up with Carl Wilson. The verses suffer from all the added noise in the back with vocals swirling around. But there is a really great moment where everything swells up and the guitars get loud. But overall, “God Only Knows” is a song that’s so classic that it can’t be done justice by anyone, even The Flaming Lips.

Rating: 4 out of 10.

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