Tanlines- Mixed Emotions REVIEW

Yes, another group going for an eighties sound in their music. Tanlines have finally put out a debut album and it’s exactly what I was expecting from this group. There’s nothing but eighties and nineties retro sounds going on Mixed Emotions, and while it’s getting very old for groups to run to these things, it can still make for a really captivating listen if done right.

While the first two tracks here are the singles, that doesn’t mean that Mixed Emotions is top heavy. There’s some great steel drums on “Real Life”, cold synths mixed with warm guitar hooks on “Abby” and a nineties styled dance track with “Not The Same”.

The first thing to note is the stellar production on every single track. From the synths to drums, things sound quite spectacular on this disc. The other element that makes Mixed Emotions stick out are the vocals by Eric Emm. The overwhelming sound here is Afropop. Slices of Paul Simon, Men at Work and Talking Heads pop up here and there. Afropop might have started to get a bad name with Vampire Weekend being linked to it, but Tanlines have a good idea of what to do with these sounds.

Rating: 6.8 out of 10.